Kids - all our!

Where is your kid - school, gym? Are you sure that the kid have reached the home? You are upset when he/she leaves with its friends?

Its our turn to take care of our parents

Your parents are already left you and heading to their home? Many of elderly people facing problems with the memory. Are you sure that your parents always remember the way home?

Personal Security

Are you business successful? Are you working with big material values? Have you ever was thinking about your personal security means?

Welcome you to the Guidejet®

Would you like to know where is your relatives and friends? Would you like to keep your business under full control? Is your mobile device is expensive and you are worrying?
Presenting to your attention the Guidejet® mobile device's tracking system

Mobile phone, tablet PC - are they valuable?

Do you keep any important information in your mobile phone or PDA? Would you like to have additional chance of it being returned to you in case it was lost or stolen?

Your corporate fleet

Do you know for sure how your corporate fleet is used? Would you like to know where your employees are during worktime? Or you might want to enhance security of your personal car...

Guidejet® - one answer to many questions

With the Guidejet® mobile phone tracking system you can get answers to these and many other questions.

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