"Wards" chapter

Displays the list of "Wards" which is in your list or those whom you have requested the permission to control them.

I front of each number there is an icon in form of baloon - if its grey means that the user is not switched on the Guidejet application on its phone and if its the green by color then the user is in online mode.

By pressing the "No name" you can easily enter your ward's name or nickname.

By pressing the "head" icon, you can add the picture for the particlular user (photo, icon etc.).

Then comes the phone number that was entered by the user itself while registering process. Note: the user can indicate its own phone number or enter some coined one.

Next line shows the ward's location including the data and time of the last data.

Below given the location accuracy and if the GPS receiver swithced on or off.

In front of User's name there are two icons - envelope and calendar:

  • Envelope - by pressing this icon user activates the chat mode in additional window
  • Calendar - by pressing this icon there is an additional window is coming where the user can set the start date/time and end date/time period for reviewing the location history. Note: this function is paid.


POI is indicated in this chapter which were marked by the user previously, if there is no POI then "New POI" is appears in the window, pressing the Pen icon the reactangle apears on the map, with help of which you can mark yourown POI (building, yard, block etc.), then you have to press the icon indocates the diskette in order ot save made marks on the map, in addition you can name such a POI by yourself.

"Delete" below each POI allows you to delete particular POI.

"Wallet" chapter

Following information is displayed in this chapter:

1.   Your "Wallet's" unique number
2.   Current account in national currency of your country
3.   Your personal account's transactions history
4.   Report for the period:
      By pressing this title an additional wondow appears in whic
      the period (month) that user wants to review in terms of transactions done
      on your personal account
5.   How to refill the account – given info shows the ways of refilling
      Your account in order to be able to use paid services

"Find by number"

An additional window appears by pressing this title, where the mobile phone number should be entered, that You would like to add to your "Personal cabinet".

If such number exists in the system the question will appear if you would like to add such number to yourown list of "Wards" - "Add to the list?" and one more window will appear with help of wich you can send a text message with the request to the particular Subscriber.

"Show all trackers"

All trackers will be shown by pressing this title, trackers that is in your list of "Wards" and the map will automatically change the map's scale that depends on the geography of trackers location in particular time.

The map have interface operating icons as well:

- scale ruler: changes the map scale


- user can drag the map by pressing this title

- allows to change the map's scale using the PC mouse in a way of increasing

- text information of the object will be indicated in additional window by activating this icon and pointing by mouse on the object on the map

Working with Guidejet® mobile application